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来自工业界的知识库 RAG 服务(三),FinGLM 竞赛获奖项目详解

Knowledge base RAG service from the industry (3), detailed explanation of the winning projects of the FinGLM competition

来自学术界的知识库 RAG 调优方案实践(一)

RAG tuning solution practice from academia (1)

从《红楼梦》的视角看大模型知识库 RAG 服务的 Rerank 调优

Rerank tuning of RAG service in large model knowledge base from the perspective of 'Dream of Red Mansions'

来自工业界的知识库 RAG 服务(二),RagFlow 源码全流程深度解析

Knowledge base RAG service from the industry (2), in-depth analysis of the entire RagFlow source code process

来自工业界的 RAG 服务,有道 QAnything 源码全流程深度解析

RAG service from the industry, Youdao QAnything source code in-depth analysis of the entire process

一种与众不同的 RAG 架构探索

An exploration of a distinctive RAG architecture

向量数据库 Faiss 的实践与增强探索

Practice and enhanced exploration of vector database Faiss


From development to deployment, build an offline private large model knowledge base

人 GPT 协作,从 0 手撸一个量化交易回测平台

Collaborate with GPT,create a quantitative trading backtesting platform from scratch


Difficult to train deep learning

从 0 手撸一个 pytorch

Implementing a simple version of pytorch from 0

FATE 作业执行全流程追踪

Full process tracking of FATE job execution


Exploring the most simplified implementation of secure vertical federated learning

深入探索 FATE 纵向联邦学习安全方案

In-depth exploration of FATE vertical federated learning security solution

深入探索 FATE 纵向联邦学习模型设计方案

In-depth exploration of the FATE vertical federated learning model design solution

FATE 纵向联邦学习实现探索

FATE vertical federated learning implementation exploration

深入探索联邦学习框架 Flower

A deep dive into the federated learning framework Flower

联邦学习 Non-IID 算法实现

Federated Learning Non-IID Algorithm implementation

GPT Engineer 实践与源码解析

GPT engineer practice and source code analysis

medical-labelme 升级方案概述

Overview of the medical-labelme upgrade plan

自研医疗图像标注工具 medical-labelme

Self-developed medical image annotation tool medical-labelme

DICOM 图像探索

DICOM image exploration

FATE Eggroll 源码解析

FATE Eggroll source code analysis


Overview of the implementation of linear regression algorithm under federated learning

FATE Board 执行流程探索

FATE Board Execution Process Exploration

基于 Pre-commit 的代码风格统一实践

Unified Code Style Practice Based on Pre-commit

基于 OpenAPI 的 Web 页面自动渲染实践

Practice of Automatic Rendering of Web Pages Based on OpenAPI

FATE Flow 源码解析 - 日志输出机制

FATE Flow source code analysis - log mechanism

FATE Flow 源码解析 - 资源分配流程

FATE Flow source code analysis - resource allocation process

FATE Flow 源码解析 - 作业提交处理流程

FATE Flow source code analysis - task submission process

基于 Grpc interceptors 的请求跟踪探索

Exploration of request tracking based on grpc interceptors

基于 cookiecutter 的 python 项目模板

Python project template based on cookiecutter

Python 中的时区问题

Timezone problem in python

Poetry 包管理

Python package management by poetry

基于 FastAPI 与 MongoDB 的数据流梳理

Data flow base on FastApi and MongoDB


Generator and Coroutine

Requests cookie 源码分析

Requests cookie source codes reading

基于 Tushare 进行数据分析

Data analysis base on tushare

Pandas 数据分析

Data analysis with pandas

Requests 源码阅读

Requests source codes reading

RBAC 权限管理介绍与实现

Introduction and implementation of RBAC authority management

升级 Python3

upgrade to python3

flask 信号机制实现

Signal in flask

深入了解 gevent

Dive into gevent

Celery 3.x 升级至 celery 4.x

Celery 3.x upgrade to celery 4.x

从 Flask-script 迁移到 Click

Migrating from flask-script to click

PEP8 规范



mock and module import


dive into celery








circular import in python


automating code quality


logging in python


Virtual environment in python

Flask 0.1 源码解析

Dive into flask 0.1


Context managers in python


Local, localStack, localProxy in flask and werkzeug


Elegant iterator in python


Encoding in python